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Insight: Issue 001 — 07.12.21

Terras Lux: Experimenting With Intuition, Soil, Science And Energy

Issue 001

Terras Lux is one of the works in Issue 001 Balance. Check out the full issue here.

Duration APRIL 2020, ONGOING

Terras Lux is focused on the connection between human beings and the surface of the earth/soil. The “energy” contained in the human body has the possibility to connect with energy contained in the soil, via interconnected microbial ecosystems. “energy” is looked at from the perspective of a micro, human, and eventual, macro scale - done to better understand our ecosystems and connections to the earth in its most elemental form. Through research on these microbial soil ecosystems and organic biological matter, a connection is being determined between our bodies and systems within the soil.

The basis of Terras Lux is intuitive thinking. This stems from the fusion of scientific research, inspiration, and applied artistic intuition/thinking. These three elements work in cohesion, pushing the project’s potential and elevating it’s planning and outcome to one on a more conscious and evolved level.

The process is this -- inspiration -- scientific knowledge -- artistic intuition -- conscious and evolved.

Each stage is independent, and yet dependent on what comes before and what comes after. Instead of being reliant or heavily dominated by one creative narrative, Terras Lux is able to rebound and develop into something with a deeper meaning. One that has depth across disciplines. The earth/soil is addressed through an ecological, biological, human and scientific lens - each one distinct.

Terras Lux explores elements of both art and science, built on strong conceptual and scientific principles which guide the project. For Rangel Aguirre, this unique collision is paving the way for new solutions and new ways of life. The next stage of Terras Lux is working in collaboration and conversation with aspects of microbiology and microbiotechnology. Subsequently, these scientists, alongside the artist intend to explore, visualise and create interactive images and installations, immersing the viewer in a microbial ecosystem where soil generates electricity and eventually “energy”.

Rangel Aguirre intends for this to open up a more interconnected dialogue - one that heightens our knowledge, exposure and interaction with soil, plants and nature. The dialogue is multi-disciplinary and innovative. Terras Lux proposes this: intuitive thinking which evolves human-nature interactions.

When “energy” flows from the soil, channeling itself through the earth and connecting with humans, is there a process of redefinition that occurs? One that enlightens us, or connects us to new multi-faceted properties of the earth/soil itself?

Petri dishes, lights, microbes. Working collectively and allowing for a new understanding. A close up shot of a Petri dish, rich and vivid in green, shows microbial growth. Varied sizes, textures and circular shapes that suggest growth happens at different rates, but in harmony. Clouds of purple and blue, enclosed in the view of a microscopic lens. A new look, one that shifts to centre on details, on complete closeness to earth elements. White lights, draped across soil beds and moving across and between, as roots would. One aspect of the earth, diverted and reimagined. What energy does Terras Lux produce? Even at this stage, it is abundant and it is unparalleled. It is a plethora of experimenting, documenting and collecting. 

Terras Lux experiments in a rich and visually inspiring way. Each image, sculpture, and installation is profound. Rangel Aguirre creatively embodies a new narrative which is demanding and innovative, using a tool which harnesses artistic, scientific and philosophical elements in harmony. This mindset and artistic practice crosses between unique notions and realms, the art becomes reminiscent of a brain. Connections, fuelling movements between, across and within a multitude of ideas. Terras Lux is in a state of being interconnected. It is open, unique and stimulating.








Audrey Rangel Aguirre is an interdisciplinary Mexican artist, working at the intersection between art and science. Reality is used as matter, and materials and elements are manipulated, explored and experimented with through a variety of visual media. Intuitive thinking directs these interactions, pushing the development of speculative narratives. Rangel Aguirre is in the process of developing a theoretical and philosophical framework - through which Terras Lux is informed - which centres these speculative ideas and works. Behind all these works is a strong tool: artistic intuition.



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