Magazine: Cities Series — 29.01.21

Occupy The Space Between: High Street Theatre By VEER

Words VEER

Occupy The Space Between: High Street Theatre by VEER. A proposal to connect disjointed high street spaces, based on sharing arts, culture and interaction in everyday settings.

What if there was a way to connect the high street commute to the spaces we encounter?

What if shop windows offered diverse and cultural contributions to reflect and educate the diverse public they serve? 


VEER. A social enterprise dedicated to making our cities more rewarding. By collaborating with local people and their neighbourhood buildings, we find ways to maximise existing infrastructure and make cities more available to the public. By Esther & Zena. All content and all rights reserved by VEER. To republish or reproduce any of this work contact VEER. To get involved or collaborate on Occupy The Space Between: High Street Theatre contact VEER.

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