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Magazine — 08.12.21

A Refreshing Gift Guide 

This article contains affiliate links which means we may earn a small comission if you make a purchase. Aligning with FLORESTA’s platform, we have carefully selected things which encompass our values and objectives.

Gifts that showcase traditional and cultural explorations, gifts from purpose-led and ethical intentions and brands, and gifts overflowing with art, design and fresh, sustainable ideas. A gift guide, for now and for whenever. 

For leather bag wearers.

Harper The Label meets between aesthetics, timelessness, and sustainability. Claire Harper’s ethos is woven into the design of each piece, only using chrome-free processes and organic matter like leaves and seed pods. With nature as inspiration and poetry embossed on the pieces, the clutch, crossbody and backpack are for the conscientious. Check out our interview with Claire, and our feature on the stunning Core Collection for a deeper insight.

For self-care and scent lovers.

Herlum embodies Pura Vida. A way of life that centres around the small things. Amazonian Murumuru butter, black pepper, jaboticaba trees and its fruits. Herlum’s collection of candles and the hand + body wash and lotion sit between Brazilian ingredients and British simplicity. The aura is minimal and divine. The bottles are made from recycled materials, the fragrance is derived from repurposed floral waste, and for founder Isadora Belfort, Herlum embodies true wellbeing which is circular and ethical. Read our in-depth feature for more on Herlum, Isadora’s roots in Rio, and behind the scenes of the brand.

For those in need of a visual refresh.

Salt And Sister Studio – creative visuals, cool sisters. From brand reimagining and concepts to digital and print design, these creative sisters are open, honest and talented. Meet the big sis, the middle child and the little sis - their recently launched packages for brand launches, refreshes and big ideas. Salt And Sister studio (by Halah and Heidi El-Kholy) revitalised our logo, colour palette and branding for our recent one-year anniversary in October.

For reconnecting with Indigenous design.

Made by Voz, voz meaning voice in Spanish, is a stunning space where the ethical meets the ecological. Supporting traditional forms of art such as ancient weaving techniques, Made by Voz work with Mapuche artisans in Chile. Select gifts from their apothecary of wisdom, hand-forged jewellery, and organic natural textiles.

For researchers and readers.

A.Mal Collective has launched In, Among and Between (their first publication). An anthology comprised of art/research in the form of visual essays, poetry, and images. One that interrogates ecology, lost species, post-coloniality, and movements – within the space of North Africa. Alike to A.Mal’s diverse nature, this anthology aligns with their recent thought-provoking project and exhibition Red Gold. Digital copies can be found here (100% of proceeds go to the artists), and their limited run of print copies can be picked up at ONCA.  

For colourful, radical creatives.

100 colours explored over time as well as in contemporary art and design, alongside notes on the critical and creative within its pages. The Colour Bible by Laura Perryman. Connecting to the circular, emotional, and historical, colour is explored as a tool and as both interconnected and layered. An insightful and diverse read, one to keep coming back to throughout all kinds of creative projects.

For those with an eye on jewellery.

Made in the heart of East London, these classic, sculpted jewellery pieces are hand-formed and moulded using recycled materials. BAR Jewellery’s materials and components used within their making processes are biodegradable, and their packaging uses recycled materials. Their bestselling Alphabet Collection, crafted in wax and then solid silver or gold-filled, is minimal and gorgeous. 

For a curated, regenerative selection. 

FALLOW brings artisan designers who centre their work around regenerative craft to the forefront. They use repurposed packaging, made up of compostable and recyclable materials. For unique pieces and collections of homeware, scents, and jewellery, peruse through.

From Root To Sculpture To Wearables: With Zena Holloway

A captivating and growing project that takes elemental roots and turns them into vivid sculptures, coral designs, and wearable fashion pieces. An interview with biodesigner Zena Holloway.

Terras Lux: Experimenting With Intuition, Soil, Science And Energy

Issue 001 insight. A complex project by Audrey Rangel Aguirre, that interrogates, creates and connects human beings to the surface of the earth/soil. 

Limbus: Questioning Human/Artificial Intelligence Futures In VR

Issue 001 insight. Welcome to utopia. Welcome to dystopia. Welcome to Limbus. What are the potential outcomes of integrating artificial intelligence into society?

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